Meet Your Web Design & SEO Team

We team up with ambitious brands to create outstanding digital experiences.

Damian and Charlotte

Picture of Charlotte Busquet and Damian Dodino, founders of Flowy Studio

Hi there!

We are Damian & Charlotte, and together we run Flowy Studio. Our main goal is to help you to grow by creating a website that not only brings traffic, but converts visitors into clients.

We are digital nomads! The businesses we collaborated with are from: United States, New Zealand, France, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Argentina and more. We love to face new challenges and create strategies that make your products and services irresistible to your target audience.

About us

Damian Dodino, web strategist at Flowy Studio

Damian Dodino

/ Web strategist

Damian is the techie guy powering Flowy Studio. He’s in charge of the web strategy, SEO and web development of every client. He will be your go-to person during the project. Known for his positivity and humor, he becomes friends with clients.

  • Eating pizza
  • Playing guitar and music production
  • Traveling and meeting new people
  • Eating pizza, again
  • Learning new stuff everyday
  • Fun and friendly communication
  • Helping clients friends to reach their goals
  • Always thinking of the big picture
  • Coming up with creative ideas on the go
  • Understanding client feedback and needs easily
Contact Damian: / [email protected]
Charlotte Busquet, brand manager at Flowy Studio

Charlotte Busquet

/ Brand Manager

Charlotte is the creative mind that fuels Flowy Studio. She has one of the most challenging tasks in design: Turning ideas into brand identity – translating what people want to see into something tangible that they can hold onto for themselves.

  • Walking in nature
    Organizing everything
    Reading spiritual books
    Dogs, dogs, dogs
    Travel all around the world
  • Keeping the team accountable and on point
    Managing, organizing + all logistical matters
    Turning ideas into beautiful designs
    Developing in-depth strategies
    Remembering things you didn’t even think about
Contact Charlotte: / [email protected]