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Get more clients, outrank your competitors, and grow your business. We’ll show you how to do it for free with our SEO audit video!

Lake Tahoe SEO Audit

To help Lake Tahoe small businesses succeed online we have developed an SEO audit video that shows how our extensive knowledge about Google’s ranking algorithm can show people where they rank.

The internet is a virtual world. And like any other place in the real world, there are winners and losers.

If you don’t do anything to optimize your site for search engines then you will be missing out on potential customers who could potentially become repeat buyers or brand ambassadors that might lead others into buying from you as well!

Lake Tahoe SEO Services

Powerful SEO that drives traffic

Flowy Studio is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. Our team will not only beautify your website, but also make it the most effective tool to generate leads and increase conversion rates with carefully crafted content that attracts visitors from every angle. We are your SEO company in Lake Tahoe.


Local SEO

Local SEO is the most critical type of marketing that you can do. It will help your customers find you online and generate new leads for your business by increasing first-page rankings on searches on Google.


Global SEO

Global SEO is important for any company that wants to build authority. It can help bring in more customers, and increase visibility- making your business a trustworthy source on the internet.


Video Monthly Reports

At Flowy Studio we will take care of your SEO so you don’t have to! We’ll keep you updated on the progress and results of any projects with our monthly SEO video reports. We’ll do the techie heavy-lifting while you take care of your business!


User Experience Enhances SEO

Our UX design team has the skills to make your website a customer conversion center. We use modern analytics tools, as well as eye-catching web designs and intuitive navigation menus that will delight visitors with their simplicity and ease of access.



If you want your website to be popular and loved by Google, you need fast hosting services. We provide high-performance servers which distribute traffic efficiently across our global network so that visitors can enjoy a seamless experience on every page of the site!


Monitor Our Efforts

We’ll give you a Google Analytics tracking code and make sure it’s set up.

Our SEO team will show you how to read your data – from understanding how different channels affect conversions all the way down to specific page views on individual web pages!


Search engine optimization can help your business reach new audiences and boost revenue. With a video audit from our Lake Tahoe SEO company, you'll be easily able to see the benefits of investing in this strategy for your brand's growth opportunities.

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SEO Company Lake Tahoe

Local SEO

Google is a great place for people to find businesses and services in their area, but if you don’t have an online presence through the Google Map Pack, your business will be at the bottom of everyone’s list.

Keyword and competitor research

Our SEO specialists have been perfecting the art of keyword research for years, and they know how to beat your competition. We’ll do keyword research on your competitors so we can come up with a plan that will put you ahead of them.

Local citations

The best way to start an SEO campaign is not only by tracking your own website’s exposure but also by getting local citations. You need to make sure you have enough at the beginning and try adding more over time as well. These citations need to be accurate, otherwise, it may lead Google to confusion, and you don’t want that!

High-performing content creation

We’ve all seen those cookie-cutter websites, and we know that they don’t last. If you want to stand out from the rest of your competition, it’s important to go for a content strategy around today’s web standards: flexibility, relevance, and engagement. That is why our team gets up close with copywriters who can create engaging content about relevant topics in order to increase conversions more than ever before!

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business listings are a great way to promote your business. However, they can be time-consuming and require too much upkeep for many businesses. We’ll take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about any maintenance or promotion anymore!

SEO Experts in Lake Tahoe

Global SEO

If you become relevant globally, it’ll be easier for Google to choose when competing at a local level because they always have their eye out for what’s happening in other parts of the world too!

Keyword Research

Our in-depth SEO audit will help you get the most out of your keywords and ultimately increase traffic. We’ll also look into trends across different countries so that we can better understand what people want from a global perspective.

Outstanding Content Creation

Having great content on your website is the perfect way to generate traffic! Our team of experienced writers can help you out. If writing an article yourself sounds like too much work, we will do it for you and create a well-structured outline that helps rank pages higher in search engine results pages (SERPS).

On-Page Optimization

Imagine if you had to manually update every page in your website each time the search engine got more advanced. It would be a nightmare! Luckily, we take care of all updates so that you don’t have to worry about it – let us handle it for you and get back those valuable hours of sleep.

Constant Success Monitoring

With SEO, you need to be continually feeding your campaign with content or else it will go nowhere fast! We have the experience and expertise of monitoring campaigns so that we can make them successful for our clients who love their rankings just as much as they do traffic.

Lake Tahoe SEO Team

Meet your team

We specialize in Lake Tahoe SEO Services, which we offer with our expert knowledge on Google’s latest trends. If you’re looking for these types of services, start by getting your free SEO audit video today!

Charlotte Busquet

/ Brand Manager

Charlotte is the creative mind that fuels Flowy Studio. She has one of the most challenging tasks in design: Turning ideas into brand identity – translating what people want to see into something tangible that they can hold onto for themselves.

Damian Dodino

/ SEO Expert in Lake Tahoe

Damian is the techie guy powering Flowy Studio. He’s in charge of the web strategy, SEO and web development of every client. He will be your go-to person during the project. Known for his positivity and humor, he becomes friends with clients.

Lake Tahoe - Free SEO Audit

Investing on SEO has huge benefits but also risks. Our free website and SEO audit is for you to see us in action with no risk involved. We'll send you your video audit with tons of valuable insights. If you think we're a good fit, we can take it from there. Otherwise, you can keep the free information and use it for your own benefit.

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Lake Tahoe SEO Testimonials

Top-rated web design and SEO services

People that love our web design and SEO services are saying beautiful things about Flowy Studio. They all started with our free website review, the rest is history.

I am extremely pleased with Damian’s work on my new website. He was very communicative, friendly, extremely fast, and highly affordable. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.
Johanna Silva - Testimonial Review for Flowy Studio
Johanna Silva
High-end Retoucher and Photographer
I’ve been making music for over 15 years. During that time, I’ve had a tonne of website overhauls! Now that my work with Damian is complete, I can honestly say, my website has NEVER been as awesome as it is right now! Damian went over and above for me! I’ve never worked with ANYONE as organized as this guy. Couldn’t recommend his services enough!
Jake Aldridge
If you are looking for someone that brings you results, valuable information, and an amazing experience, then look no further. Damian has been with me every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier having Flowy Studio run my online presence.
Liz Johnson - Review top rated for Flowy Studio
Liz Johnson
I’ve been working with Charlotte and Damian for a few months now and I’m always impressed by their process. Not only they deliver quality work, but they make everything look easy. Flowy Studio is the first thing that pops in my mind when I think about a new website project and SEO campaign.
Laurent Vidal from Immolac Bordeaux leaving a 5 star rating to Flowy Studio for Web Design and SEO services
Laurent Vidal
Real Estate Agent

Lake Tahoe SEO Company and Web Design Portfolio

Latest work

We offer web design and SEO services to help build and grow your site as well as branding solutions for an effective strategy geared towards converting visitors into high-paying clients.

FAQ - SEO Company Lake Tahoe

If you want to grow your business online, we have the perfect offer for you! We’re giving away a free website and SEO audit video (usually $359). All we need is to answer some basic questions. Click the link below to get started:

Get my free website and SEO audit video now!

From the moment you make a request, we are working to complete our audit so quickly that your time has no chance of slipping through the cracks.

It’s 100% free. There’s no catch. We just want to show you our capabilities and what you need to do in order to get more traffic and conversions. Our main goal is to give you a free taste of how working together would look like.

If you don’t think we’re a good fit, we totally understand! We won’t start spamming you to hire our services. You’ll have a lot of valuable information on your hands and you can use it to your own advantage.

If you’d like us to take care of your website design and SEO, then you’ll have a link to book a call with us. During that call you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have, discuss pricing, timescales and scope of work.

We work mostly with service oriented businesses. These are some of the industries we work with:

/ Architecture
/ Accounting
/ Artists
/ Business
/ Beauty
/ Blog
/ eCommerce
/ Entertainment
/ Fitness
/ Healthcare
/ Insurance
/ Interior Design
/ Law
/ Medical
/ Pest Control
/ Photography
/ Property Management
/ Real Estate
/ Resorts
/ Restaurants
/ Security
/ Tech
/ Translation
/ Travel
And many more!

We’re experts at helping businesses rank high on search engines even if they are in a niche market (i.e., hair salons, interior design, vegan food). Our goal is to get your website ranked somewhere near the top of page one when people search for terms related to what you do.

Yes! We work with all types of businesses. Some are new, and others aren’t. Some are just starting and want a website to serve as their on-ramp to the digital world; others may have been around for decades but need an online presence started anew to avoid getting left behind.

It depends on what kind of business you have. If you work in a niche where most of your customers are coming from search engines, like lawyers or dentists for example, then you should either learn SEO or hire someone to help you.

It’s important to keep in mind that SEO takes time!

The time it takes for you to start seeing results highly depends on what type of business you operate. Usually, we’ll start seeing results in just 90 days but this may vary depending on your industry and market position.

The cost of an SEO campaign is heavily correlated to the amount of time we’ll be working on your business. Our basic plan starts at $500/month.

Updating your On-Page SEO isn’t mandatory but it’s highly recommended in order to keep your website relevant. We will let you know if there are any updates that may affect your campaign and we’ll adjust the strategy accordingly.

With SEO you can’t guarantee rankings but we will do our best to make sure your website is highly ranked for the keywords that have the highest chances of converting.

Yes, we also offer web design, branding and technical support services.

Every month we will send you a video report of everything that has been done for your campaign and see all the actions we have taken.